Sunday, April 29, 2012

2:05:58 and 2:23:47 - Ethiopian Shami Dawit and Kenyan Rael Kiyara broke the Hamburg Marathon course records this morning

As  anticipated, new course records were created in both the men's and women's categories of the 27th Haspa Marathon Hamburg  held his morning 29 April.

Shami Dawit of Ethiopia won the men's title in 2:05:58 shattering the old record of of 2:06:52 set by Julio Rey of Spain in 2006, but failed to improve his personal best of 2:05:42 when he was placed 7th at the highly competitive Dubai Marathon last Jan, 1 second behind compatriot Dadi Yami who incidentally finished 2nd behind him today at  Hamburg in 2:07:01.
Rael Kiyara of Kenya became the women's champion also in a new course record of 2:23:47, breaking the old record of 2:24:14 set by Irina Timofeyeva of Russia in 2008.

Results of top finishers:
1) 2:05:58 (CR) - Shami Dawit (ETH)
2) 2:07:01 - Dadi Yami (ETH)
3) 2:07:23 - Augustine Ronoh (KEN)

1) 2:23:47 (CR) - Rael Kiyara (KEN)
2) 2:24:12 - Netsanet Abeyo (ETH)
3) 2:25:49 - Etalemehu Kidane (ETH)

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