Friday, September 9, 2011

First Half of 16 Diamond Race Winners decided at Weltklasse Zürich

Diamond Race Trophy
Diamond Race Trophy presentation in Zurich

A total of 16 elite athletes were each awarded with a Diamond Race Trophy and a cash prize of USD40,000 as winners of the Diamond Race at the Weltklasse Zurich, the first of the 2 finals of the IAAF Samsung Diamond League 2011 series which consists of 16 meets and ends at the second final at Brussels on 16 September when the another 16 winners will be decided.

And The Winners Are :


100m - Asafa Powell (JAM)

400m - Kirani James (GRN)

1500m - Nixon Kiplimo Chepseba (KEN)

3000m Steeplechase - Paul Kipsiele Koech (KEN)

110m Hurdles - Dayron Robles (CUB)

High Jump - Jesse Williams (USA)

Long Jump - Mitchell Watt (AUS)

Discus Throw - Virgilijus Alekna (LTU)


200m - Carmelita Jeter (USA)

800m - Jennifer Meadows (GBR)

5000m - Vivian Jepkemoi Cheruiyot (KEN)

400m Hurdles - Kaliese Spencer (JAM)

Pole Vault - Silke Spiegelburg (GER)

Long Jump - Brittney Reese (USA)

Shot Put - Valerie Adams (NZL)

Javelin Throw - Christina Obergföll (GER)

Each of the 32 overall event winners receives a Diamond Race Trophy and a cash prize of USD40,000, which combined with the USD480,000 available at each of the 14 meetings, total prize money distributed by Samsung Diamond League in 2011 amounts to a total of USD8 Million.



  1. The remaining 16 winners decided at Brussels yesterday were:
    200m - Walter Dix (USA)
    800m - David Rudisha (KEN)
    5000m - Imane Merga (ETH)
    400m Hurdles - David Greene (GBR)
    Pole Vault - Renaud Lavillenie (FRA)
    Triple Jump - Phillips Idowu (GBR)
    Shot Put - Dylan Armstrong (CAN)
    Javelin Throw - Matthias De Zordo (GER)

    100m - Carmelita Jeter (USA)
    400m - Amantle Montsho (BOT)
    1500m - Morgan Uceny (USA)
    3000m Steeplechase - Milcah Chemos (KEN)
    100m Hurdles - Danielle Carruthers (USA)
    High Jump - Blanka Vlašic (CRO)
    Triple Jump - Olha Saladukha (UKR)
    Discus Throw - Yarelis Barrios (CUB)

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