Sunday, March 18, 2012

Sado won the LA Marathon together with an additional US$100,000 Gender Challenge Bonus

Fatuma Sado

The 27th Honda LA Marathon, Los Angeles was held yesterday and it came with an additional Gender Challenge Bonus of US$100,000 whereby the elite female runners were given a 17:31 (17min 31sec) head start over the male counterparts and the first finisher irrespective of gender was the winner of the bonus.

Fatuma Sado,20 of Ethiopia, in her 4th marathon race, became the first runner to cross the finishing line in her PB time of 2:25:39 and she walked away with the USD100,000 bonus besides the UD$25,000 champion prize money and a Honda CRV vehicle valued at about US$30,000.

Simon Njoroge, 31 from Kenya won the men's race in 2:12:12 and also won the USD25,000 prize money and a Honda CRV

Results of top finishers:
Men (CR 2:06:35 - 2011)
1) 2:12:12 - Simon Njoroge (KEN)
2) 2:13:40 - Weldon Kirui, KEN)
3) 2:13:50 -
Stephen Muange (KEN)

Women (CR 2:25:10 - 2006)
1) 2:25:39 - Fatuma Sado (ETH)
2) 2:28:09 - Misikir Mekonnin (ETH)
3) 2:30:46 -
Yeshimebet Tadesse (ETH)

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