Friday, January 25, 2013

Lelisa Desisa leads 5 men to "Sub 2:05-Sprint-Finish" in Dubai Marathon this morning

What a historic breathtaking breakthrough it was at the 14th Standard Chartered Dubai Marathon, regarded as one of the fastest marathons in the world, this Friday morning  when 5 male runners displayed stunning performances to finish the 42.195km race under 2:05 under dense morning of fog.

Lelisa Desisa of Ethiopia led three other compatriots and a Kenyan to produce a 'sprint-finishing' from the final 400 meters making an Ethiopian clean sweep of the top four positions.
Desisa, 23, making his debut, clocked 2:04:45 to win the title together with a prize money of USD200,000 but his time was 22 seconds shy off the course record of 2:04:23 set by another young countryman of his, Ayele Abshero last year.

Another milestone also laid  when second placed Ethiopian, 19-year old Berhanu Shiferaw clocked  a new Junior Marathon World Record of 2:04:48 shattering the previous best of 2:06:15 Paris 2009 held by compatriot Bazu Worku.

 Pre-race favorite Tirfi Tsegaye made a double clean sweep for Ethiopia when she won the women's title in 2:23:23 while Ehitu Kiros and Amane Gobena came in second and third in 2:23:39 and 2:23:50 respectively.

Top finishers: 

Men (CR 2:04:23)
1) 2:04:45 (WL) - Lelisa Desisa (ETH) [Cash prize USD200,000]
2) 2:04:48 - Berhanu Shiferaw (ETH) [Cash prize USD80,000] 

3) 2:04:49 - Tadese Woldegeberel (ETH) [Cash prize USD40,000] 
4) 2:04:52 - Endeshaw Negesse (ETH) [Cash prize USD 20,000] 
5) 2:04:53 - Bernard Kiprop (KEN) [Cash prize USD12,000]

1) 2:23:23  (WL) - Tirfi Tsegaye (ETH) [Cash prize USD200,000]
2) 2:23:39 -  Ehitu Kiros (ETH) [Cash prize USD80,000]
3) 2:23:50 - Amane Gobena (ETH) [Cash prize USD40,000]
4) 2:24:30 - Aheza Kiros (ETH) [Cash prize USD 20,000]
5) 2:25:01 - Belaynesh Oljira(ETH) [Cash prize USD12,000]

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