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Tour de Malaysia Run 2013 makes history

Reference : Tour de Malaysia Run fb

The Tour de Malaysia Run 2013

Motto -  "This Is Where We Unite" 
An excerpt of the Organisers' Objectives :
"To unite all passionate ultra runners regardless of background, age, the colour of the skin or where their homeland may be, to gather as a team to fulfill the common dream/vision of running around Malaysia".

L-R:  Allan Lee, Ng Seow Kong, Rich Chai & Aun Utopia at the Start - Dataran Merdeka
photo courtesy of Tour de Malaysia Run 

This historic run was led by 4 core ultra runners : Ng Seow Kong, Allan Lee, Rich Chai and  Aun Utopia and other guest runners who ran in a round-the clock relay in a group of maximum 3 runners per sector covering 3.5 to 4 sectors or minimum 175km per day with a target run time of 6-7 hours per 50km over 12 days from 20 -31 December 2013

The Tour de Malaysia Run  was also doing a  fundraising campaign for two charity organisations viz.
Good Samaritan Home and Hospis Malaysia  

With reference to the info from Tour de Malaysia Run fb, below is a summary of the progression of the above run, along the old federal  route 1 along the west coast, round Penang Island, the Gerik-Jeli East West Highway and the trunk road along the east coast of  Peninsula Malaysia which took off from Dataran Merdeka, Kuala Lumpur on 20 December 10:00pm over 43 sectors of 45km to 55km each covering a total distance of 2,100km and ended also at the Dataran Merdeka today 31 Dec.

Day 1 Dec 20 Dataran Merdeka K.Lumpur  Ng Seow Kong, Tan Cheng Peng and Tan Seng Heng started at 10:00pm -> S (Sector) 1 (49km) ->  

Day 2 Dec 21 - completed  at 4:13am at Batang Kali, Selangor Allan Lee and Yum Kin Kok started at 4:45am -> S2 (55km) -> completed at 12:10pm at Slim River, Perak Rich Cai started at 12:25pm -> S3 (47km) -> completed at 6:45pm at Tapah, Aun Utopia started at 6:55pm  -> S4 (55km) ->  

Day 3 Dec 22 - completed at 3:28am at Ipoh,  Cheah Seng Wooi started  -> S5 (50km) -> completed at 10:30am Kuala Kangsar, Ng Seow Kong and Allan Lee started at 11:03am -> S6 (48km) -> completed at 3:30pm Taman Seri Semanggol, Lok Beng Hooi, Ng Chye Seng, Teh Siang Shee, Tan Thean Kok started at 3:45pm -> S7 (47km) -> completed at 9:15pm Simpang Ampat, Penang (mainland) 9:30pm Andrew Loh, Francis Ying, Lim Choo Hooi, Raymond Tan started at 9:30pm -> S8 (53km) -> completed at 2:27am Balik Pulau, Penang Island, Debbie Chin Shannon Ong started -> S9 (43km) -> 

Day 4 Dec 23 - completed at 6:50am at Penang Ferry Terminal  Butterworth Ferry Terminal where Debbie Chin boarded a ferry and passed over the baton at  the Butterworth Ferry Terminal where  Lai Weai Boon and Chan Hong Tiong started at 8:05am -> S10 (48km) -> completed at 12:45pm in Bedong, Kedah,  Mohd Fakhrulrazi and Rich Cai started at 1:50pm -> S11 (46km) -> completed at  9:10pm Alor Setar, Aun Utopia and Chuah Chueng Zhan started at 9:10pm -> S12 (50km) ->  

Day 5 Dec 24 - completed at 2:28am Kangar, Perlis  Ahmad Zulfadzli and Mohamad Afiq started at 2:40am -> S13 (52km) -> completed at  9:35am UUM, Kedah Cheah Siong Lim and Ramlan Rasdi started at 9:35am -> S14 (50km) -> completed at 4:00pm Sungai Tiang, Mohd Fakhrulrazi and Lai Weai Boon started at 4:00pm -> S15 (50km) -> completed at 10:10pm Kampung Tupai, Sik, Rich Cai and Orange Runner Team from Bukit Mertajam started at 10:10pm -> S16 (50km) ->  

Day 6 Dec 25 - completed at 3:35am Half way Gerik, Perak 3:39am Ng Seow Kong and Allan Lee started at 3:39am  -> S17 and S18 (100km) -> completed at 2:20pm [100km in 10hr 41min at 6:25/km pace] Perak/Kelantan border, Aun Utopia, Rich Cai and Ray started -> S19 (50km) -> completed at 7:45pm Kg Ayer Lanas, Jeli, Kelantan,  Aun Utopia, Rich Cai and Ray continued their run after 10min at 755pm -> S20 (50km) ->  

Day 7 26 Dec - completed 100km at 3:00am Machang,  Ng Seow Kong and Allan Lee started at 3:00am -> S21and S22 (100km) ->  Completed 100km at 2:20pm [11hr 20min  at 6:48/km pace] at Junction of Kg. Bkt Nenas, Terengganu Aun Utopia started at 2:25pm -> S23 (49km) -> completed at 8:10pm IPD Marang, Rich Cai started at 8:15pm -> S24 (52.5km) ->  

Day 8 27 Dec - completed at 2:20am  Hotel Tanjung Jara, Dungun, Ooi Heng Aik and Choo Meh Wah started at 2:30am -> S25 (48km) -> Completed at 8:40am Balai Polis Kerteh, Allan Lee and Seow Kong Ng started 8:45am -> S26 (47km) -> Completed at 1:35pm Residence Inn Cheranting, Pahang, Rich Cai, Chow Kean Fatt, Phua Cheng Chiang and Foong Yan Hwa started at 1:35pm ->S27 ( 48km) -> Completed at  7:10pm IPD Kuantan, Tan Wah Sing, Jimmy Lau and Thong Thiam Wong started at 7:25pm -> S28 (47km) ->  

Day 9 28 Dec - completed at 12:18am  IPD Pekan, Allan Lee and Seow Kong Ng started at 1:30am -> S29 S30 (104km) -> Completed 104km at 1:23pm [11hr 57min elapsed time or 6:54/km pace] at Orang Asli Batu 8 Johor, Rich Cai & Aun Utopia started at 1:30pm -> S31 and S32 (102km) -> 

Day 10 29 Dec - Completed  102km + 2km at 2:40am  [13:10 elapsed time at 7:36/km pace] at Half-way Kota Tinggi,  Chew Wai Meng & Ck Phua started at 3:22am -> S33 (50km) -> Completed  at 9:30am (elapsed time of 6:08 or 7:22/km pace) at Sri Saujana where Chong Ying Jye, Liew Yew Ann and Tee Pee Hoe started at 9:50am -> S34 (47km) -> Completed 47.7km at 3:51pm (elapsed time of 6:11 or 7:47/km pace) at Skudai where Tan Chow Seng & Edwin Goh started at 4:03pm -> S35 (44km) -> Completed 44km at 8:35pm (elapsed time of 4:35 or 6:15/km pace) at Pontian where Maggie Goh Kim Hong & Aun Utopia started at 8:55pm -> S36 (44km) -> 

Day 11 30 Dec - Completed at about 3:00am at Halfway Kg Bahru (Batu Pahat), Maggie Goh again and Sarawak Yap started at 4:25am -> S37 (45km) -> Completed 45km at 10:45am [elapsed time of 6:20 or 8:27/km pac] at Balai Polis Semerah where Ng Seow Kong, Allan Lee and Ng Ah Seng started at 11:00am -> S38 (45km) -> Completed at about 4:00pm at Petronas Sungai Rambai where Fish Chai, Wong Yuen Chin & Tew Yean Ho started at 4:00pm -> S39 (52km) -> Completed at 8:50pm [elapsed time of 4:50 or 5:35/km pace!] at Balai Polis Sg Udang where Tan Lee Lee, Goh Teng Yam & Rich Cai started at 9:00pm -> S40 (45km) -> 

Day 12 31 Dec - Completed 50km at 1:27am at Poly Mall Kg Sg Menyala where Karen Loh Chai Min Fooi started at 2:00am -> S41 (42km) -> Completed at 7:06am [elapsed time 5:06 or 7:17/km pace] at IPD Seremban, Negeri Sembilan where Mohd Nor Amrii, Lim Yew Khuay started at 7:10am -> S42 (43km) -> Completed at 11:10am [elapsed time 4hrs or 5:35/km pace] at IPD Kajang, Selangor where Jeff Ooi, Hariharan Shanmugam, Cheah Chye Hee, Tham startd at 11:20am -> Finishing S43 (27km) -> Completed at 3:00pm [elapsed time 3:40 or 8:09/km pace] at the Old Library in Dataran Merdeka, Kuala Lumpur , FINISH ==>  Jubilation and celebrations !!!

New breakthrough written in a new chapter of  the road running history of Malaysia.
Standing ovation to all the runners, especially the four core ultra-runners and the support crew for their absolute dedications and perseverance over the 12-day feat, bravo....

Congratulations and Thank you Tour de Malaysia Run 2013


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